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What it means to us:
Cairde Meitheal Mara is our new network for existing friends, supporters and stakeholders who have helped the organisation achieve all it has over the past 22 years.  With a view to our long-term plan to develop a unique maritime heritage and activities centre for Cork City and Harbour, we have set up Cairde Meitheal Mara to provide a structured network of support. We anticipate needing contributions in many different forms; from professional advice and expertise, voluntary support and labour, to networking support, advocacy, fundraising and financial backing.

What it means to you:
You are Meitheal Mara’s movers and shakers, our planners and our schemers – and we would love you to join Cairde Meitheal Mara and lend your weight to our plans.

  • You will be kept up to date on developments in Meitheal Mara, and particularly with regards progress on new premises.
  • You will receive invitations to Meitheal Mara events throughout the year,  including: the official launch of the Cork Harbour Festival and Ocean to City – An Ras Mór, our maritime lectures, events, receptions and anything else that comes up.
  • You will be part of our close network of friends, supporters and stakeholders, helping to shape the future of Meitheal Mara.
  • You will be one of our champions, lending your support to our shared mission as Cork’s community boatyard and maritime heritage organisation: Na báid agus saol na ndaoine.

How to join:

  • Cost: Free. We are great believers in giving what you can, whether this is networking support, financial support or benefit-in-kind. All forms of help will be needed and very much welcome.
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We thank you for your support over the years and look forward to your continued involvement in the future!

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