Meitheal Mara’s workshop is at the heart of what we do.

Our workers specialise in building traditional Irish currachs, particularly the magnificent Kerry-style naomhóg and a variation on the 2-person hazel rod currach used on the north coast of Donegal. We are widely recognised for our success in the use of currach building to develop team work and personal effectiveness skills. We work with groups of young people and adults from diverse and sometimes challenging backgrounds.

We also provide repair services such as sanding, painting, restoration and maintenance of currachs and wooden boats. We build wooden boats too and have developed one-off designs with our youth and community partners for all kinds of groups, events, exhibitions, documentaries and films, including Irish Design 2015 and The Game of Thrones.

The team in the workshop also produces the Meitheal Mara range of hand-made woodcraft: bowls, toys, model boats, bookshelves, tables and stools.

Products & Services:

Boat Building & Repairs

A select team of skilled training participants are now providing a boat building and repair service to boat owners under the management of boat builder Seamus O’Brien.

We can handle all types of work from lofting to boat building, sanding, painting, repair and maintenance of wooden and fibreglass craft. Should you require an estimate or quote for a boat building or repair project then please contact the office.


The Meitheal Mara workshop specialises in the building of traditional Irish currachs, including the Kerry Naomhóg and the Donegal Dunfanaghy.

Currachs are light skin covered boats once found in all the Celtic lands but now exclusive to Ireland. They are light seaworthy craft without a keel which ride large ocean waves and skim up shallow rivers. Currachs vary widely, from the 6ft Boyne River Coracle made of hazel and willow rods to the sophisticated ultra-light West Kerry Naomhóg measuring 26ft. Each style of currach takes on the name of the area in which it was built.

This map gives a rough idea as to where in Ireland various currachs originated from. Click on each pin to see an illustration of the currachs and information regarding the boats. Use the mouse to drag the map if the information appears truncated.


Meitheal Mara is pleased to offer a range of hand-craft furniture available to purchase or order. All our pieces are made in our workshop, using a beautiful variety of timber, and we also take commissions. 

New to our range are two beautiful Dunfanghy currachs. These are model size approx 3 metres in length. They would make perfect display items for heritage sites or businesses with a maritime theme. 

The sewing room is upcycling donated fabrics and we have a selection of versatile and unique bags on sale. The bags come lined or unlined with long over the shoulder straps. 

A selection of our craft products can be seen below, or at Meitheal Mara’s home in Crosses Green, Cork. Please contact us for pricing and delivery.

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